The Employee Who Lied to My Husband

One time I asked my husband pick me up some Karo Light Corn Syrup at Fresh Grocer. I described the bottle and told him it would be near the maple syrup, not the baking supplies as one might think. He came home and said he looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. He even asked an employee, who said they don’t carry it. And I know he did. He is a good and honest man, and I know what he told me was the truth.

But it put me in a predicament. Though I was only mildly inconvenienced by the lack of corn syrup, I was downright furious at the employee who lied to my husband. I know for a fact that they carry that product. Everywhere carries it, like this exact Fresh Grocer, for example. But I had no proof. I sought my syrup elsewhere and resigned to go on with my day, and eventually my life.

That was until about six months later when I had finished up that bottle of Karo Light Corn Syrup and added it to my list of things to purchase at Fresh Grocer. The moment unfolded exactly as I imagined it. There it was, in its clear bottle with red and gold label with white writing, next to the maple syrup in the maple syrup and gluten-free granola aisle. They did stock it. I knew it.

Finally, I was vindicated. I had proof. I turned around, syrup in hand, to confront the employee who had lied to my husband, but he was nowhere to be found. It was, after all, six months later, and I had no description of the offender or name for which to ask. I had my corn syrup, but at what cost?

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