To be transparent: I baked cookies

Doesn’t this look like a shipwreck with algae growing on it?

No, it’s just the mixer attachment soaking in the mixer bowl, and to be totally transparent, I made cookies without brown butter tonight for the first time in a long time, and the difference in taste was STARK! That’s right, I’m someone who can identify the toastiness and nuttiness of a brown butter as part of a LARGER RECIPE now, just like the professionals. They tasted far less COMPLEX without brown butter, just like they always say! You’d have to be an IDIOT to not recognize the presence or absence of brown butter! I’ve eaten enough cookies that my palate has become refined, and I am basking in the snobbery of my extraordinary achievement. All my hard work has paid off as I am now an expert.*

*As all experts know, with or without brown butter is a matter of preference. You could want different things at different times, and right now, the classic simplicity of a traditional butter-creamed cookie is exactly what I was looking for.**

**To be totally transparent, I’m about to watch Fargo, and I am reminded of the time I discovered that the Coen brothers are forced to share a Wikipedia page. Yes, like animals. I couldn’t let you leave without knowing. It wouldn’t be transparent.

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