The Charred Salsa Verde I Make

No recipe! What is it? All of the tomatillo’s chief characteristics: tangy, fruity and bright. Try it if you generally like salsa and want something similar but different.

Ingredients: A bunch of tomatillos (1 – 1 1/2 lbs—I happened to grab 15 of them), one small onion, one or two serrano or jalapeño peppers (seeds and ribs removed for less spicy, more peppers for spicier), couple cloves garlic. Roughly chop everything, no need to dice small, cause we’re gonna purée later. Toss with olive/vegetable oil, lime juice and salt.

Everything described above, plopped on a baking sheet and ready for an aggressive char.
Tomatillos. These are them. They’re green, have papery-leaf wrapper and are a little sticky underneath that. You’ll likely find one little tiny pile at your regular grocery store, a plentiful amount at a Latin market, and I got these at the farmers market! Tangy, almost lime-y flavor; firmer and less juicy than tomatoes (they are NOT green tomatoes), almost a crisp texture in the very center. Peel the papers off, rinsing a bit if needed to get them clean. Ready to use!
The char has been aggressive, as promised. Roast at 425 for about 25 minutes to soften then broil for 5 minutes or more for added blackness, or do a combination of the two. It’s all about how it fits in your day. You’ll find lots of juice has been expelled onto the baking sheet as well.
All the charred chunks and juices in a measuring cup (a little condensation on the glass from sitting in the fridge a couple days—again, I am in charge of this salsa verde; it fits *my* schedule), add some cilantro, whiz with the immersion blender or anything else you have with spinning blades (blender or food processor).
Add water to your desired consistency. It can come out quite thick and gel-like because there’s so much pectin (the compound in fruit that makes jam jammy). You see all the charred bits and seeds and VERDE!

It’s amazing. We did it, and it was so easy to time it around our busy schedules and be flexible and have this delicious, multi-faceted condiment to put on chips, tacos, meat, eggs, anything!

My signature taco is crumbled chorizo, diced roasted sweet potato, salsa verde, sour cream and cilantro in a homemade flour tortilla. Obvious disclaimer: NO, this is not an authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex recipe. YES, this is what I make for myself and like to eat. Enjoy!

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